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Hey gang! I am back after few weeks of being through sequence of events that wasn’t so pleasant. Which started from mother nature’s heavy rain fall that led to a terrible flood in Bangladesh then being in a bus accident that could have easily turned into something much worse to finally a flu in the middle of a scorching hot summer. Well not to worry as I am still in one piece except the flu which I wish went away but I am sure it’s nothing that a hot bowl of soup can’t fix.

Well anyway, on to the good stuff, shall we? Read more


Sometimes I Just Want To Pull Out My Hair.

Do you know how Homer Simpson lost his hair? He was once such a handsome man with head-full of nice hair. Every time Marge broke the news to him about her being pregnant, Homer pulled out his hair a bit at a time until he was left with only four pieces of hairs. You can check out the nice little video below :) (sorry it’s a link to the video, the embed code for the video from doesn’t seem to work.)

How Homer Lost His Hair

Well sometimes there are certain things that make me want to pull out my hair as well and no, it’s not because my wife is pregnant, I obviously don’t have a fear of having children like Homer. My problem is with colors. There are all sorts of color problems that you come across. Colors look one way on-screen and it looks totally different when you print and it’s because of the conversion from RGB to CMYK. And let me tell you, colors will never look exactly the same when printed and what’s on your screen. So save yourself from pulling out your hair. Of course with higher-end printers you can get as close as possible but it’s still not as beautiful as what you see on your monitor. Read more

Testing Social Signals

Your Name Is Important.

What is our ultimate goal as a photographer or an entrepreneur who is looking to expand our business, company or brand?

It’s our NAME.

People are interested in knowing who is that person behind the successful business. So how do you go about creating that reputation for yourself, where people get to know you? While advertising can certainly help but if you are starting off then the budget might be quite the predicament so the real answer is social media. It is a vital role nowadays for you to stay as active as possible showcasing your work, advertising, promoting in as many medium as possible and all this can be done for absolutely free. You may not like the idea of joining another social networking site because you feel that you have already invested way too much time in one but look at it this way, you are reaching out to more. Social networking doesn’t necessarily have to be based on the idea where you share things with only friends and family, it can be much more. Of course, in doing so you want to maintain your privacy too in what you share publicly but that’s a whole different topic. Read more

A Nice Gesture Can Touch A Heart

Recently I read something that really put a smile on my face and showed me that there is still hope in humanity. Before I share the story though I want to share a small success story of mine as well.

I studied graphic design and for most part after graduation I have worked as a graphic designer. Working in the advertising world is something I enjoyed very much and often times I wished to get a position maybe in a big publication house like Condé Nast. I still enjoy graphic design and always will but since 2009 I started to focus more on photography. It’s something that I always enjoyed as a part-time hobby but slowly I was leaning toward making it full-time. Well lo and behold I got my first DSLR! Soon enough I was ready to take it out and shoot with my new baby. What I was already enjoying with my point-and-shoot, it got even better with the DSLR. Let’s just say my photos got a bit of “oomph” to it now. My first real test was shooting a friend’s wedding not as a hired photographer but just for fun. Nothing special, no external flash or fancy lens, just my camera and one lens. I enjoyed the whole wedding scene. It’s something you cannot repeat so there is a real challenge in making “the shot” or you have just lost your opportunity. Shooting wedding keeps you on the edge and there is a sense of adrenaline rush with all the chaos at a wedding. Anyway some days later after my friend’s wedding I uploaded the photos on Facebook, had plenty positive feedback. From that I started getting offers to shoot more wedding gigs and that’s how my photography journey started. Read more

Key West

“Your camera takes really nice photos…”

I am sure many photographers have heard “Wow! Your camera takes really nice photos…” or “Hey I saw your photos on Facebook, they are really nice. What camera you use”? Doesn’t it annoy you when they give all the credits to your camera and not you? Yes the camera takes really nice photos but when someone tells you that, they don’t really mean it in technical sense. Usually they see your edited photos afterwards and think that’s just the way it looks straight out of the camera. Someone that knows at least a bit about photography and says the same thing, they mean it in a whole different way. They are usually talking about the camera quality, ISO, performance, noise level and what not. So trust me when I say it’s not just the camera, there is more to it than just that expensive DSLR. Read more

COPYRIGHT: Steal or not to Steal

So I decided to do this post on the topic “COPYRIGHT”. If you are an artist, then it is a big deal for you or anyone who has to bicker on the subject for your work related purpose. It is important to know all the ins and outs on the subject because in the end, it’s your work that you care about.

“Good artist copy, great artist steal” – Pablo Picasso

It’s hard to imagine someone as original as Picasso would say something like that or at least many believe that he did. But what do you think he meant if he did say that? I do not think he meant copy or steal anyone’s work to profit or claim it as your own at all. What I think Picasso meant or this quote is quite different and I have my interpretation. I think the word “copy” or “steal” in his quote has rather different definition than its original meaning. As an artist, we all get our inspiration from something or someone. We look at other people’s work and get an idea from which we make our own version of it, that would be the Read more

Street Photography: Submit your photos now!

On The Street

Photo from the post of Artur Heller

I want to quickly chime in on the topic of Street Photography. Those of you that are interested and want a chance to get your photograph(s) published, here is your chance. Just came across a post of photographer Artur Heller on G+. You can click on his name and add him if you are on Google+, awesome photographer by the way.

“Hello my photography friends…
As you may have noticed few days ago, we have launched new re-designed Camerapixo website. Along with it we also announced a new addition to the magazine – photography THEMED eBOOKS.

New themed photography eBook is on the way! If you want to be published, please send us your best photography street images!”

So if you are interested visit Camerapixo for more information. Deadline is on March 20th. Good luck!

Who am I?

Photo of me

Photo taken by my beautiful wife.

Well that’s a very good question. I am about to tell you all about me, what I do, what I like and yada, yada, yada. So I hope you enjoy reading and in the process I don’t bore you to death.

I am Fahad Jafarullah and as of writing this, I am 28 years, 1 month, 2 weeks, 5 days old and that’s exactly 10,277 days. Pretty nifty huh? Well enough of that. Let’s get started about me and all the fun things. Are you bored yet? No? Okay good. I grew up my whole life in New York City and I wouldn’t have it in any other way. I love New York. I am from Bangladesh but I was born in Saudi Arabia. My family had the luck of traveling around the world since my dad worked for the airlines and that’s how we ended up in New York. The best stories, memories, people I have met, experience I have gained, it all happened in New York City. There is one more thing that also took place in New York City, which is the most memorable and important part of my life but keep reading and you will find out what it is… Read more

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