I am a full-time husband, graphic designer, photographer and occasionally a superhero. Behind all my hard work and the drive to meet my goals, there is one person and that’s my wife, Zinnatul. She is my biggest critique in all of my work and her thoughts and influence means the world to me. Not only does she push me to achieve great results but also helps me understand better. And it is such a pleasure to have someone besides me who supports me 110% with my passion and love for art.

I love ART! Saying I love art would actually be an understatement. Art comes in many forms such as music, painting, sculpting, animation, illustration, architecture, photography and the list could go on. My endearment for art is focused on many things but mostly on two particular physiques of art, Graphic Design and Photography.

As I was growing up my passion for art grew more and more, I started to pay more close attention to fine details to my surroundings. What I have learned is that even in emptiness there are unfathomable meanings if you can perceive the subject from a different perspective. Once you find that distinct eloquence and beauty in your subject, it will color your imagination and to me that is the definition of ‘art’. Especially growing up in New York City since childhood where it has so much diversity, you are surrounded by all kinds of people and it’s hard not to notice the beauty in your surroundings. To me New York City is a big canvas and I can easily create art on the go, every step is an inspiration for creativity.

I am a graphic designer and a photographer; I take equal importance in both part of the world. When I am not designing, I am taking photographs and when I am not taking photographs, I am designing. I am a very fun person and I like to approach my creativity in the same fashion, with fun and excitement to create art. My inspiration comes from many great artist and photographers. I speak, breathe and live art. I love to travel around, if not around the world at least to my backyard once in a while to see if there is a perspective I haven’t discovered before that I can make into art or photograph. I have learned that you can visit the same place over and over yet still find something new every time.

Well that’s enough of me blabbering, hope you enjoy my work and always look out for new materials on my blog. You can also check out my Facebook Page, Google+500px and follow me on Twitter.