Testing Social Signals

Your Name Is Important.

What is our ultimate goal as a photographer or an entrepreneur who is looking to expand our business, company or brand?

It’s our NAME.

People are interested in knowing who is that person behind the successful business. So how do you go about creating that reputation for yourself, where people get to know you? While advertising can certainly help but if you are starting off then the budget might be quite the predicament so the real answer is social media. It is a vital role nowadays for you to stay as active as possible showcasing your work, advertising, promoting in as many medium as possible and all this can be done for absolutely free. You may not like the idea of joining another social networking site because you feel that you have already invested way too much time in one but look at it this way, you are reaching out to more. Social networking doesn’t necessarily have to be based on the idea where you share things with only friends and family, it can be much more. Of course, in doing so you want to maintain your privacy too in what you share publicly but that’s a whole different topic.

How you show up in search engine matters. You want to optimize the result for the search where your name show up, get full control of SEO. There are many tools available that you can take advantage of to help you with SEO. It has become a common practice for companies to search you right after the interview or even before when they get hold of your résumé. This is no different for a person looking for a photographer, they want to see your work.

As a photographer the best way to get your work out there, is to have plenty of activity on the web, sharing your work, getting in discussions and etc. The more activity you have, the better chance you have of people knowing you, hence showing up on search results. Just remember, it helps not to be ego-maniacal about it, be friendly and likeable. In a way, you are helping other help you. Give in order to receive back the favor.

Check out the info-graph below, an experiment done by TastyPlacement on how social media activity can impact organic search rankings. It is no surprise that the giant search engine’s Google+ came in first but honestly think about it, do you know anyone who uses another search engine other than Google, maybe your grandpa because he still uses the default browser that came with the computer, AOL on Internet Explorer? Yikes!

Well what are you doing to help yourself build your business? What shows up when you search your company or your name? What steps have you taken or taking? If you have any thoughts you are more than welcome to share.

Infographic: Testing Social Signals

Infographic authored by

TastyPlacement, a web design and SEO company, To view the original post, see the original

Social Media Infographic.


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